Game Theory Fall 2014

Game theory has found its applications in numerous fields such as Economics, Social Science, Political Science, Evolutionary Biology. Game theory is now finding its applications in computer science. This course introduces students to the basic ideas and applications of game theory. Topics include strategic games, Nash equilibrium, dynamic games, continuous space games, repeated games, stochastic games and markov strategies, evolutionary game theory and evolutionary stable strategies.

After this course the students should be able to model many real situation using game-theory and describe solutions (mechanisms, algorithms, protocols etc.) considering the concepts of game theory.

Active participation from the class is very important for this course to be successful.

Fall 2014
Sunday and Tuesday : 13 -14:30

  • James N. Webb, "Game Theory: Decisions, Interaction and Evolution", Springer, 2007.
  • Hans Peters, "Game Theory A Multi-Level Approach", Springer, 2008.
  • Martin Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein, "A Course in Game Theory", MIT Press, 1994.

Students must be comfortable with mathematical thinking, basic probability theory, and very lightweight calculus (for example, students should be able to take a simple derivative).

Assignments 10%
Quizes 15%
Midterm Exam 20%
Final Exam 35%
Final Projects 20%
1Sunday30 ShahrIntroduction
2Tuesday1 MehrStatic Games - Matrix Games, Strongly and Weakly Dominance
3Sunday6 MehrStatic Games - Mixed Strategies, Nash EquilibriumProblem Set 1 Upload
4Tuesday8 MehrExtensive Games - Backward Induction, Subgame Perfection
Sunday13 Mehr
5Tuesday15 MehrExtensive Games - Nash RefienmentsProblem Set 2 Upload
6Sunday20 MehrContinues Games - Bertrand, Cournot DoupolyProblem Set 1 Due
7Tuesday22 MehrContinues Games - War of AttritionProblem Set 3 Upload
8Sunday27 MehrGame Theory in Network Formation Models
9Tuesday29 MehrGame Theory Applications in BioinformaticsProblem Set 2 Due
10Sunday4 AbanGame Theory Applications in Neurosience
11Tuesday6 AbanGame Theory Applications in Sensor NetworksProblem Set 3 Due
12Sunday11 AbanProblem Solving
13Tuesday13 AbanMidterm Exam
Sunday18 Aban
14Tuesday20 AbanGame Theory Applications in Security
15Sunday25 AbanGame Theory Applications in Intelligence Systems
16Tuesday27 AbanRepeated Games
17Sunday2 AzarRepeated GamesProblem Set 4 Upload
18Tuesday4 AzarStochastic Games and Markov StrategiesProblem Set 5 Upload
19Sunday9 AzarEvolutionary Game Theory - Evolutionary Stable Strategy, Pairwise Contests
20Tuesday11 AzarEvolutionary Game Theory - Game Against the FieldProblem Set 6 Upload
21Sunday16 AzarFinal Project presentationsProblem Set 4 Due
22Tuesday18 AzarFinal Project presentationsProblem Set 5 Due
23Sunday23 AzarFinal Project presentations
24Tuesday25 AzarFinal Project presentationsProblem Set 6 Due
Sunday30 Azar
Tuesday2 Dey
25Sunday7 DeyProblem SolvingProblem Set 7 Due
26Tuesday9 DeyProblem Solving